About me

Newborn twin photographer Bedfordshire

Hi there!

Hopefully you’ve taken a look around the site and seen my work. But before I get to know you, a little bit about me. I come from a big family; born and raised in sunny St Albans. I was the ‘creative’ one. The day dreamer with the attention span of a gnat! Always finding the next crafty project,  but nothing ever captured me as much as photography. The love affair began 5 years ago and I can’t imagine my life without a camera now.

I am based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire and I am lucky enough to have created my own studio (aka my little sanctuary), which is next to my house.

I specialise in teeny tiny newborns and baby photography. My passion is not limited to this field but they certainly capture my heart. I also photograph children and families and the occasional wedding.

Aside from photography, I love my husband, my daughter and my two beagles. I also have a slight obsession with tea in china cups (strong, splash of milk and half a sugar if you’re asking, hee hee) and cleaning (but I seem to get distracted by editing these days!!). I also love getting to know people. I love meeting new parents; the excitement, the love, the sheer exhilaration combined with exhaustion – all of it. It’s such an amazing moment in your lives! And it’s such a privilege to be a small part of it. Which is why this isn’t just a job. It’s an absolute pleasure!

Anyway, that’s enough about me. Enjoy the website and get in touch if you fancy a chat! Hopefully we’ll meet sometime soon.