10 awesome things you should do during pregnancy

Pregnant pampering


Some people ‘just want to get through it’ and count down the days. Not me, I wanted to appreciate the rainbow as well as that pot of gold. I wanted to embrace my pregnancy, savour every bit and be in awe of this little miracle growing inside of me.

That was the romantic side of me. Of course in reality, the morning sickness kicked in. SPD was the bain of my life for more than 6 months and I never knew torture like the sheer exhaustion I suffered and my body playing a cruel joke on me when I had restless leg syndrome and couldn’t for the life of me, get to sleep at night.

Reality aside, I developed a super power for indulging in specialist treatments and making the most of the time I had.

So here I am, sharing these nuggets with you – whether you’re a dad-to-be or a friend looking for a gift or a mum-to-be looking to treat yourself, pop the kettle on, take a sip of that de-caf and indulge –


Pregnancy massage Karmic Balance


It’s a common fallacy that pregnancy massage can only be performed in the 2nd trimester but it’s perfectly safe at any stage as long as the therapist is suitably trained and qualified.

Treatment can be nice and floaty and relaxed but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, a lot of common pregnancy issues can be easily treated with the correct type of massage, e.g. Carpal tunnel syndrome, SPD, headaches and general aches and pains.

The balance of the body and musculature changes so much in pregnancy that there sometimes is no more important time to get a massage, especially one that can address those troublesome muscle issues.

Essential oils can be used, with the exception of a few which should be avoided. A nice relaxing facial with Indian Head Massage can also be great if you’re looking for a relaxing treatment.

Please make sure when you book that the practitioner is  qualified.

I highly recommend Nicola of Karmic Balance, who’s based in Maulden, Bedfordshire.


Pregnancy romance fun

Knowing that we needed to make the most of the last few months, we booked to see some of my favourite comedians and had some good old belly laughs.

Since writing this blog, I’ve seen that a bigger trend now is to Babymoon – that last holiday before the baby arrives. Don’t forget though that you should always check with your doctor first. If you’ve had a healthy pregnancy, you can fly on most airlines until you’re 36 weeks pregnant. If you’re carrying twins, this will usually be up to 32 weeks.



Pregnancy yoga pilates Milton Keynes

I didn’t indulge in Pregnancy yoga or pilates but I’ve heard great things about it and you can go on to do either of them post birth.

Yoga Bellies classes are open to all healthy pregnant women, regardless of current yoga practice or experience.

Enliven Health’s Better Bumps Pregnancy Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles around the pelvis and lower back, including the pelvic floor, which results in a more stable lumbopelvic system, which is not only important in pregnancy but post-nataly as well. Pilates also addresses the postural changes that occur during pregnancy, improving flexibility to stiff areas, including the upper back and ribcage.

At Better Bumps Pilates, The Physiotherapist instructor will have the clinical knowledge to ensure that you are exercising appropriately for your ability and stage of pregnancy, and will accommodate for any musculoskeletal conditions you may be experiencing, whilst ensuring that you are still receiving a challenging and effective workout.


Pregnancy natal hypnotherapy


I cannot rave about Natal hypnotherapy enough. I am a huge fan. I was lucky enough to have a great birth experience which was made even more amazing as I used Natal Hypnotherapy techniques, reminding me to work with my body.

I also found listening to the sessions during the evenings, before bed a great way to relax off into a calm sleep.

Being scared, fearful or anxious about giving birth can have a negative impact on your body during pregnancy and labour. Natal Hypnotherapy teaches you natural methods to work with your body to reduce the level of pain experienced during labour

Pregnancy Maternity photo shoot Bedfordshire

A maternity photo shoot is best booked between week 30 and week 36 (so you have a good bump but your swollen feet haven’t appeared!)

Of course this is where I come in!  Every single mum-to-be has loved the images I’ve captured for them. You become so fond of your bump that you do miss it when it’s gone! This is a great way to remember it by.


Pregnancy belly cast maternity

Again, a Belly Cast is not something I did myself but a bit of fun! Heck – turn it into a practical fruit bowl afterwards or mount it on the wall as a piece of art!


Pregnancy 4D scan Milton Keynes


4D scans are recommended between week 24 and week 34

I did have this done – at week 32 – and wow, it’s seriously amazing what technology can do. A real insight for impatient mums-to-be like me!

Pregnancy 4D scan Bedfordshire

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Waxing isn’t indulgent but if you’re anything like me, I confess I let my garden go a bit as it was low on my priority list! But I did want a good mow and my borders tidied up before I let the world and his midwife down there to greet Amelie!


Pregnancy reflexology Karmic Balance

Make sure you book with a trained professional, Reflexology is great for ‘getting things moving’ when you’re overdue!


Pregnant newborn photoshoot


Unbeknownst to many, a newborn session takes place between 5 and 15 days. So booking wise, it should be done during pregnancy and the sooner the better to secure a photographer’s time; as part of the booking I secure two provisional dates based on your due date so we capture your little one during the right time.

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